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Believe Hope Live Author Convention in Augusta, Maine

Top 5 reasons Mainers need to attend the Believe HOPE LIVE Author Convention this weekend:

1) Cancer. This event is a fundraiser for the Harold Alfond Cancer Center. Tickets start at only $20.
2) Winter is coming! You can stock up on books to curl up by the fire, under a blanket, next to a polar bear…and read until spring arrives.
3) You’re not limited to one day. Can’t make it on Friday? Come by Saturday!
4) Me! Come visit me at my table and help me eat the bowl of chocolate I’ll have out.
5) If you live in the Augusta area, what else is there to do? (Just kidding!)


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Excerpt from Enforcer

Grant is on a tear right now. Here’s the latest from Enforcer:

It would have been so easy too, to just put a bullet in his fucking mullet-covered head and be done. He was a sexual predator and putting him down would be doing the world a favor. This wasn’t me though. Sure, I killed for Marco, but I got paid for it and those people knew the score. Playing executioner outside of mob business didn’t sit right with me. I wasn’t a vigilante. Instead, I advanced on Leonard with my weapon raised and he cringed, rolling over into his own vomit in a feeble attempt to get out of my way. I didn’t shoot him, but I did pistol whip the fuck out of him. His cheekbones collapsed under the force and his nose was next. Blood spilled down his face, leaking onto the drool stained pillowcase behind his head. Leonard raised his arms at first, trying to block my blows, but they dropped to his sides when he lost consciousness.

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