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Excerpt from Enforcer

Here’s an excerpt from “Enforcer”, a prequel novella for The New Mafia Trilogy and it’s Grant’s origin story. Please note this is from the first draft and unedited:

I left the happy chaos of the frat party to arrive at a different kind of chaos that made me forget all about Audra’s hot little body. The South Philly address Rico had given me was for a corner bar and I had to park further down the street. Walking up, I ignored a group of nosy neighbors who had gathered to watch. Flashing blue lights added to the surreal moment of me willingly entering a crime scene as an associate of the Grabano crime family. Only one cop car was on the scene and I found Rico laughing with two cops. After spotting me, he waved me over.

“Officers, this is Grant and he’s one of our boys.”

Surprisingly, they each shook my hand and introduced themselves. I hung back while Rico finished talking with the officers. Money changed hands, discreetly, and moments later the police were gone. While a lot of blood stained the gray concrete sidewalk in front of the bar, Rico assured me that Al was fine. The bullet had grazed his scalp, breaking the skin open enough to bleed like a son of a bitch.

“So, you said you know who did this?” I asked.

“Yeah. Let’s go inside.”

We entered the near empty bar. Two guys stood around a pool table in the corner. They quickly looked away when we walked in. We sat down at the counter on bar stools so used the varnish had worn off in the shape of ass prints. Except for a man who was listing to the side, about ready to pass out, nobody else sat at the bar. After ordering us each a round of scotch, Rico lit a cigar and took a few puffs before filling me in on what went down. “Al recognized the colors on the bandana the shooter was wearing – it was the Kings.”

“What colors do they wear again?” I was still on a learning curve for all of the street gangs in the city. This wasn’t something they taught at Drexel.

“Black and gold, they love their fucking black and gold.”

“Why did they try to take out Al?”

“The Kings have been trying to get in on our game and started running heroin where they used to just be into crack and meth. Marco hasn’t considered them much of a threat, but now… now he’s pissed.”

At that moment, the door opened and two hulking figures filled the dim entryway. Reinforcements had arrived. After Anthony “The Giant” and Joey B., I was the third biggest enforcer and Marco had called us all in to take a message to the Kings.

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