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Meet Jason Fletcher

I’ve shared images of the actors who serve as character muses for Dominic and Grant, but not for Jason. When I first started writing Clean Slate, I had a picture in my head for Jason, but needed something more dimensional as a reference. After hours of intensive research on the internet (It’s a tough job, ladies!), I did find a picture* of a model who is a close match. What do you think? Did you have someone else in mind when you read Clean Slate?

* I don’t own the rights to this image and don’t know this guy’s name. I hope he’s an actual model and this isn’t some random dude’s picture. That would be awkward.*

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Another trilogy in progress

I’m heading out to Chicago next week for a business trip, but taking full advantage to do some research for Havoc, Book #2 of The Ghost Stories Trilogy. One of the characters is from Chicago. Here’s a glimpse at Finn Rafferty (this is unedited and from the first draft):

The cab pulled up in front of Finn’s childhood home. The porch light was on, which triggered memories of when he was in high school and tried to sneak home after curfew. If that light was on, he knew his mom or dad were awake and waiting up for him. Nearly twenty years later, the sight of that damn light still caused Finn to feel nervous. He paid the driver and stepped out into a brisk wind whipping down the street, rattling the chain link fence that wrapped around the property.

Before Finn even stepped onto the porch, he could hear the commotion through the closed front door. This was a homecoming of sorts for Finn so he wasn’t surprised when his sister, Katie, opened the door and his four-year old twin nieces wrapped their arms around his legs in a bear hug. Down the hall his brother, Aedan, held up a bottle of beer. “Hey bro, want one?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Finn answered as he pulled Katie into a one armed hug. She kissed his cheek and took his coat.

“Mom’s in the kitchen. Go get it over with.” She winked and ushered the twins into the TV room.

Finn walked down the hallway, past a million framed family photos, to the kitchen, which was brightly lit and easily twenty degrees warmer than any other room. He set the wine and pop down on the counter before gratefully accepting an ice cold bottle of beer from Aedan.

“Finn, you’re on time, it’s a miracle!” His mom teased. She stepped away from mashing potatoes and opened her arms. She was wearing a red apron that said “Kiss the Cook” so Finn did when he hugged her.

“Mom, dinner smells amazing. I can’t tell you the last time I ate a home cooked meal.” He caught a whiff of butter and cream from the potatoes and heard his stomach growl.

“Well, there is plenty. Go help Aedan set the table.” She handed him a stack of plates.

Finn found his brother sitting at the dining room table drinking a beer. Silverware had already been set out for each place setting.

“Is Michelle here?” Finn asked. He hadn’t seen Aedan’s wife yet.

“Yeah, she took Ian upstairs to change his diaper. That kid can shit, let me tell you.”

“Like father, like son then, eh?”

Aedan flipped him the bird and Finn laughed. He finished putting the plates out then went back into the kitchen for his beer. He returned to the dining room with the bottle, plus a basket of rolls wrapped in a red gingham napkin to hold in the heat. He sat down across from his brother and leaned his head back, reveling in the familiar sounds playing out around him; the television blaring in the other room, the squeals of a sibling being tortured, and the crash of pots and pans coming from the kitchen.

Finn took a long sip of his beer. “It’s good to be home, man.”

“Yeah, it’s nice having you back. Anything new?”

“Nah, just the lecture circuit, but I’m heading out on Wednesday to Arizona for a potential case.”

“Really? So soon?”

“I know, but this woman really needs my help.”

“Woman, huh?” Aedan winked when he flashed a knowing smirk at his brother.

“This psychic medium I met in New Orleans a few years ago called me out the blue this afternoon.”

“Wait, is this the same woman you told me about – the one who ran out on you at the bar?”

Finn frowned. He didn’t remember telling Aedan about Adele and, if he did, he was surprised his brother remembered. “Yes, that’s her.”

“Oh, who are we talking about?” Michelle, Aedan’s wife, entered the dining room with Ian propped on her hip. Ian started squirming the moment he saw his father. After a few seconds of struggling with the baby and getting her long brown hair pulled several times, Michelle surrendered him to Aedan. As soon as Ian was on his father’s lap he smiled and settled down. Michelle collapsed in the chair next to her husband and stole his beer.

“Hey!” Aedan protested.

“It’s a fair trade. I had your son through vaginal birth after nineteen hours of labor which makes this beer mine,” she said with a grin. “So, you guys are talking about a she?”

“Some chick Finn was hot for just called him about a case. He’s basically dropping everything to fly out to Arizona to see her.”

“Really?” Michelle raised her eyebrows at Finn.

“It’s just for work. Adele is cool and she gets what I do. I thought we had a connection, but she wasn’t interested and the fact that we haven’t had any contact in five years reinforces that.”

“A lot can happen in five years to change a person’s mind,” Michelle said. “Maybe she’s come around.”

“Who’s come around?” Finn’s mom asked, setting the roast chicken down on the table.

Finn polished off his beer. Excusing himself, he went to grab the wine and overheard Aedan filling his mom in on Adele. He groaned and shook his head. This was one more thing that hadn’t changed since he was a kid; there were no secrets in the Rafferty house especially when Finn, the oldest out of his siblings, was the only one still single. Usually it was his mom and Katie trying to play matchmaker. Now that Aedan was married and had a kid, he was in on it too.

He endured the meal and his mother’s inquisition about “this psychic woman”, had seconds on the mashed potatoes and thirds on the wine before begging exhaustion. A fifteen minute cab ride later, Finn was back at his quiet condo. Even though he was exhausted, he couldn’t sleep. Restless, he poured himself a glass of Jameson’s, grabbed his laptop and sunk down onto his brown leather sofa. The material creaked under his body as he shifted, propping his feet up on the coffee table. It was time to research the recent mass shootings from a different perspective, one the media and law enforcement agencies would never suspect: demons.

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